For hotels and tourist facilities with a few beds or Ingenious Solutions Ltd ™ has the solution. An application that you can control your Hotel. Except for the online reservations you get, you can input in the online booking system reservations made over the phone, and those made directly with the customer in the reception area.

All records of payment, prepayment and balance payments made through the system, so there is a general picture of the customer. Send automatic status updates by email to confirm the booking, the balance, and payoff. It is a complete reservation system easy to learn and helpful.

The Booking engine is easy to use, and for your customers. Your website visitors or customers find the room that needs immediate and can add and other extra services that might want. From the booking engine transferred to make the payment and then reserve the room.

Hotel Booking Engine includes:

  • Easy and quick management of the unit with
  • Reservations,
  • Balances,
  • Statistics,
  • Check in,
  • Checkout,
  • Overview detentions,
  • Indicating,
  • Programming cleanliness,
  • Open and deposit payments,
  • Gift certificates,
  • Discount coupons,
  • Black bookings (period closed)
  • Rates per period
  • The only with responsive design in the market

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