Lotame and Cint marry survey panel data with DMP data

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June 17, 2017
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Lotame and Cint marry survey panel data with DMP data

When they sign up to take paid online surveys, online panelists give information about themselves which is considered deterministic — that is, it is definite, since it came from the person.

When a data management platform (DMP) creates online user profiles that are used by advertisers to target ads, that data often comes from many sources and is generally considered to be probabilistic. That is, inferences have been made, for example, that the user at this IP address lives in this part of town and is expected to have this income range.

This week, survey panel platform Cint and DMP Lotame announced a strategic partnership that marries these kinds of data. Cint CEO Morten Stand told me that, to his knowledge, this was the first such alliance — although the general intent of survey data verifying third-party data was also behind a pilot Lotame conducted with market research firm Survata in May.

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